Intuitive, playful, timeless and eclectic, principal Shelley Cahan, of Shelley & Company Interior Design, executes projects that are as varied as her clientele. Not one to apply a singular design vision to any of her projects, Shelley draws direction and inspiration from her clients and how they function in their environment. Her integrated approach to design makes Shelley one of the most sought after designers in the Bay Area. With 15 plus years of design experience, and a pedigree that includes working with Robb Report recognized firm, Tucker & Marks, Shelley understands that the success of a design project lies in the precise comprehension and execution of the details. Whether it is choosing a trim for a custom sofa, managing the quality craftsmanship of a custom designed furniture piece, or understanding the nuances of the client's expectations on the project, Shelley's approach to the development of design has a distinctive quality of ease and expertise that has garnered her long list of loyal clients. 

As former Creative Director and President of the Marin-based design firm A.S. Kaleidoscope Design, Inc., Shelley's depth of knowledge and expertise in the process of design extends beyond the aesthetics of a space. Her experience in managing a team of contractors, craftsmen and artisans sets her apart from the competition. When she's not working on the mechanics of a project, Shelley draws on inspiration from contemporary designers such as Ralph Lauren and the late Michael Taylor for their impeccable sense of style and acumen for creating well-edited spaces. 

Shelley believes the interiors she created should be authentic reflections of the client and their highest self. "A room should be whatever you imagine it to be: a retreat, a place to recharge, a place to entertain, create or inspire. How we use a space and what we perceive it to be, is as varied and complex as the person dwelling there. For me, the most exciting aspect of design is drawing on all the elements that the client deems important, and then translating them into a visual and tactile experience that delights and inspires. I consistently look for the harmony points in a client's lifestyle that are unique and unexpected, that are individual to them, and then build a room that celebrates how they live." The end result is an environment that the client can connect with and evolves and grows as they do. Shelley believes "interiors should feel acquired and cultivated over the lifetime of the individual" and continues to create interiors that are a perfect pairing for the modern lifestyle; blending clean lines, classic furnishings, textures and patterns that are a harmonious intersection of the past and present. 

By being creatively courageous... we inspire others to do the same.”
— Gary Friedman

sarah wilson, Purchaser/Senior Project Manager

With an in-depth background in commercial and residential construction planning, Purchaser and Senior Project Manager Sarah Wilson brings Shelley & Co. a keen eye for detail and strong interpersonal skills. Born and raised in Marin County, Sarah has a deep understanding of the San Francisco Bay Area and its unique, and complex aesthetic and clientele. Having always had a passion for all things interior design, she spends the majority of her free time perusing design blogs and shelter magazines, soaking up inspiration on every page.

As Senior Project Manager for Shelley & Co, Sarah ensures that every client receives the attention and materials they require, and that no detail goes untouched. Maintaining strong relationships with hundreds of vendors, she emphasizes efficiency and timeliness, promising a seamless and stress-free experience.

Her daily mantra, Sarah believes, “it’s important to create spaces that reflect each individual perfectly—a place for them to recharge.” Detail oriented, expressive, and attentive, Sarah provides a personalized and enjoyable experience for each and every client.


Katie Little, Junior Designer

Fascinated by design since her childhood, Katie Little brings a fresh perspective to each project. Born and raised in a small town, she moved to San Francisco eager to pursue a career in design at San Francisco State University. Turning to her favorite fashion and lifestyle magazines and blogs for inspiration, Katie developed a keen eye for color and insight into the luxurious world of design. As a Junior Designer at Shelley & Company, Katie aspires to create beautiful, functional spaces that are a true reflection of the homeowners' unique lifestyles, transforming their homes into personalized sanctuaries. 

Shelley & CO Alumni


A lawyer turned interior designer, Dina Bandman brings a worldly, eclectic perspective to each project she completes. After returning to school to earn an Interior Design degree from The Art Institute of New York City, Dina honed her passion working for Katie Leede of Digs by Katie. Dina developed her skill-set, climbing the ranks from an intern to project manager, and ultimately decided to return home to the West Coast. At Shelley & Company Interior Design, the Senior Designer prides herself on her ability to merge disparate styles without sacrificing her clients' needs, creating bespoke spaces infused with style and warmth. 




Shannon Moser brings five years of industry experience to the team. Coming from a family of builders and architects, Shannon's passion for design was struck at an early age. She pursued this passion at the The Art Institute, where she received a BA in Interior Design. Shannon later developed her industry knowledge working on multi-family, model home developments and high-end residential design, including experience working with various design showrooms. As a California native, Shannon deeply appreciates the importance of creativity and the beauty of design.